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COVID-19 Guidance

Sala Thai Kitchen - WONDERFUL TO SHARE

Address: 6 Bennett Close, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 4JA

Tel: Thippi 07833 030344, Charlie 07527 904734


We are a small business with limited capacity and opening times. Therefore we have a limit of 7-10 orders per day.


Please place orders as far in advance as possible (you can order up to 7 days ahead).


We ask that all orders are placed online through this website. We may look to open up telephone orders in the future but do not currently have the man power to support this.

Online ordering will close once we have reached capacity.

If you encounter any problems with the online ordering system please contact us on the above phone numbers or email address.

How to pick-up food:

Non contact pick up process

When you are at the house please park at the front and call us (you will see our car, a Mini, parked on the street, you then can park behind). PLEASE DO NOT RING THE DOORBELL.

We will bring the food out and leave on the table on our front lawn while you wait in the car.

Once we get back in the house, you then can pick up food.

If paying ​cash please leave it on the table for us to pick up after you have gone back to your car.

How we will deliver your food:

Non contact delivery only

We will knock the door or call you and then leave the food at the front door and then retreat to a safe distance.

If paying ​cash please leave it on the doorstep for us to pick up after you have gone back inside.

Good practice to consume takeaway food:

  1. We recommend putting the food on your own plate before eating (throw away the takeaway boxes).

  2. You can also keep the food in the fridge to eat later. However, put it in your own plate before heating it up.

  3. You can also put some food in the freezer such as rice, curries and stir fries (usually main meal, not starters). Once defrosted, you can then put onto your own plate to reheat.

  4. Reheat food on high temperature for 2 minutes before eating, if food is from the freezer you might need to do 4 minutes until piping hot.

  5. If possible, always consume fully cooked food/ hot food, you can always put the food in the microwave for 2 minutes before eating even if we have just delivered it to you.

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